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Auto Loans

Titusville Motor Company has a vehicle program for every buyer's needs. If you require bank financing for your purchase, we can arrange low interest loans. If you do not qualify for the bank financing, we offer vehicles on our Buy Here Pay Here program.

Please note that we have two (2) Finance Programs. While you are shopping on our Dealer Website you will find the vehicles listed on our "Inventory" page.

The ones that have the flashing icon to the right side of the listing of "Buy Here Pay Here" are on the Buy Here Pay Here Program where we don't do credit checks.....which means we finance them in-house, not through a Bank.

The vehicles on the "Inventory" page without the flashing "Buy Here Pay Here" icon showing on the right side of the listing are on our Bank Financing Program. Please notice that you can apply right there on that particular listing for traditional Bank Financing where your personal credit score will come into play . As you read below under "Bank Financing", you will see more about the qualifications for financing.

We will be happy to help you decide which program will work best for you.

Buy Here Pay Here

We offer Buy Here Pay Here for those who don't want to or can't use bank financing. If you have been turned down at the Bank for a loan for any reason contact us about our in-house financing. The best part is WE DON'T DO CREDIT CHECKS!

Are you tired of hearing, "No, we can't help you!" Your past credit history doesn't matter to us! We are looking for individuals that would like a second chance and are willing to make their vehicle payments in a timely manner.

When using our Buy Here Pay Here program, we do the financing in-house for the vehicle you choose to purchase from us. We set up the payment schedule to coincide with your paychecks. If your income (paychecks) is weekly, then your payment is set up on a weekly schedule. If you are paid bi-weekly, then your payment is due every two weeks.

Our weekly payments range anywhere from $45-$55 a week. So you can see how affordable your payments will be. So for example, if you were making bi-weekly payments, your payment would range from $90-$110 depending on the vehicle you choose to purchase.

When shopping at Titusville Motor Co. you will notice that each Buy Here Pay Here vehicle has a tag hanging from the rear view mirror that clearly states:

1. Down Payment required *
2. Weekly Payment
3. Selling Price

*You will also need the Pennsylvania State sales tax, title and fees associated with the sale when you purchase your vehicle.

Titusville Motor Company does accept trade-ins. The trade-in will be deducted from the Selling Price, not from the Down Payment. This means you will need to have cash for the Down Payment, as your trade-in will not be applied as the Down Payment, only to the Selling Price. In short, you can't use your trade-in as the Down Payment, your trade will be subtracted off of the selling price of the vehicle.

Please note since we are a smaller Auto Dealer, we don't offer the Buy Here Pay Here Option to all geographical areas.  You would need to give us a call at the phone number listed below to make sure you qualify.

To find out how to qualify (*see below) for our Buy Here Pay Here Finance Program, call us at (800) 827-7329. Or if you live within our local calling area, our phone number is (814) 827-7329.

*Please note since we are a smaller Auto Dealer, we don't offer the Buy Here Pay Here Option to all geographical areas.  You would need to give us a call at one of the phone number listed above to see if you qualify.

Bank Financing

Titusville Motor Company also offers financing through Banks. We work closely with Banks that offer low interest rates. In many cases, we as a Dealer receive lower interest rates than you can usually get through your own Bank or Credit Union.

**Please make note that if your Credit Score is below 630, you may want to try our Buy Here Pay Here Program. We use traditional Banks which will do a credit check, but also have low interest rates. Your credit score will need to be in the range of 630-720+ in order to qualify for our "traditional" Bank Financing.

You can go to the particular vehicle on the Inventory Page that is on our Bank Financing Program. Choose the vehicle that you would like to purchase and click on "Submit Online Application" right there on the listing. Don't worry about your personal information. We use a "Secured Server" that is SSL encripted for your safety!

We are able to fax your completed Credit Application to the Bank and receive approval usually within a couple of hours during their regular business hours.

Upon receiving approval; you will be able to conveniently sign all of the loan papers at our office without ever having to actually go to the Bank. The Bank will send the payment coupon book to you so you can mail your monthly payment directly to them.

Hours of operation:

Monday - Thursday 9:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M.
Friday 9:00 A.M. - 7:00 P.M.
Saturday 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M.

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